Host Committee

2017 Children's Ball Host Committee

Ann and John Amboian
Peter B. Bensinger, Jr. and Heidi Wagman
Colleen and Brendan Caroll and Victory Park Capital
Donna and Dennis Drescher
Lesli and Brad Falk
Ronald J. Gidwitz
Katie and Brent Gledhill
Sabrina and Antonio Gracias
Stephanie and John Greisch
The Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund
David Herro and Jay Franke
Laura and Craig Martin
Roxanne and Rocco Martino
Bart and Katie McCartin
The Daniel J. and Joann A. Murphy Charitable Foundation
Lisa and Seth Prostic
Reid-Anderson Family
Anne and Chris Reyes
Mimi and Phil Seltzer
Karyn and Bill Silverstein
John H. Simpson
Cia and Tom Souleles
Kristi Stathis and Jim Malackowski
Lisa Snow and Franco Turrinelli