The Children’s Research Fund was established in 1951 as a private independent initiative to raise funds for innovative biomedical research.

The Children’s Research Fund has firmly established itself as one of Chicago’s leading philanthropic organizations dedicated to funding basic and clinical medical research. Over the years, the Children’s Research Fund support has led to advanced investigation in cancer, heart disease, genetics microbiology and neonatology.

Since its affiliation with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago in 1991, the Children’s Research Fund has contributed more than $55 million including $5 million for the physical expansion of the research center. The Children’s Research Fund is a principal benefactor of the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute, the research arm of the hospital and one of a handful of free-standing facilities in the nation devoted exclusively to pediatric medical research.

The Children’s Research Fund is fortunate to have two thriving junior boards, which also support pediatric biomedical research at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the Children’s Research Fund Junior Board and the North Shore Medical Research Junior Board (NSMRJB).

Children’s Research Fund Accomplishments

A few of the significant contributions the Children’s Research Fund has made at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago include:

Past Children’s Research Fund Board Chairmen
David McHugh 2013-2016
Lesli Falk 2011-2013
Seth A. Prostic 2010/2011
Hilary Sallerson 2010
Gary Wolfson 2008/2009
Richard Tannenbaum 2006/2007
Ruth Geller 2004/2005
JoAnn Eisenberg 2001/2002/2003
Malcolm S. Kamin 1998/1999/2000
Kit Simon 1997
Betsey N. Pinkert 1995/1996
Cindy F. Wile 1993/1994 *
Andrew R Gelman 1991/1992
Ned S. Robertson 1989/1990
Marion E. Simon 1987/1988
Andrew R. Gelman 1983/1984/1985/1986
Herbert A Loeb, III 1976-1982
John Rosenheim 1975
Frank D. Karger, Jr. 1973/1974
Irwin J. Beiderman 1971-1972 *
Edwin O. Robson 1970 *
Leonard J. Horwich 1968/1969
Robert Lipsky 1967
Gerald Eisenschiml 1965/1966 *
John F. Benjamin 1963/1964
George Barr 1961/1962 *
Lionel M. Nathan 1959/1960
Robert L. David 1957/1958 *
Joseph M. Weil, Jr. 1955/1956
Jay A. Herz 1951-1954 *

(*) Deceased