Dr. Carolyn Foster

$220,000 Two year Pledge

Dr. Carolyn Foster is a primary care pediatrician and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics who received her a medical doctorate from Harvard University and her health services research fellowship training from the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital after a year as chief pediatric resident. As a physician-investigator, she is passionate about developing evidence-based, innovative health care interventions for children with medical complexity (i.e., multiple co-morbidities, technology dependence) that maximize their health outcomes within a family context. She is particularly interested in testing the use of emerging health technologies to bridge identified gaps in care for children on home breathing machines.

For the next 2 years, beginning in the Fall of 2019, the CRFJB will be funding her research to design clinically effective and family-centered care for children on home breathing machines. Children who are born very early can have severe enough lung problems that they need a breathing machine to help them live at home after discharge, called a home mechanical ventilator. The goal of the Dr. Foster’s work is to keep children with home breathing machines out of the hospital and maximize their time at home, school, and play by getting them off the machine faster than the current care model allows. With this award, Dr. Foster will test whether real-time video and remote monitoring of clinical parameters such as end-tidal CO2, respiratory rate, weight, can be done safely and feasibly at home instead of having children come to the hospital for their care. This work will revolutionize the current care paradigm for this patient population, and most importantly improve the daily lives of children and their parents.