Thank You for Showing Us Your Heart of Gold!

In lieu of the 2020 Gold Coast Fashion Show, the Children's Service Board has established the Heart of Gold campaign. All donations received will be directed to the Lurie Children's Department of Family Services, to fund their critical programs such as school services, art, music and pet therapies, bereavement support, interpretation services, child life specialists and much more.

The Department of Family Services, the heart of the hospital, is almost entirely funded through philanthropic dollars and they need our help now more than ever. Thank you to all of the donors who have already shown us their Hearts of Gold! Join us today!

Yellow Heart Heart of Gold
  Beth and Steven Pagnotta
Kim and Marc Schwartz
Dark Red Heart Brave Heart
$10,000 - $24,999
  Beacon Capital Partners
Clune Construction Company
Maureen and James F. DeRose
Holly and Richard Duran
Melissa and Adam Filkin
Emily and Jimmy Flaherty
Deborah and Elzie Higginbottom
Megan and Michael Hodes
Danielle and Jim Hoeg
Daniel & Karen Lee Family Foundation
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Kasey and Drew Macha
Tommy and Scott Sheridan
Julie and Matt Simon
Tishman Speyer
Red Heart Kind Heart
$5,000 - $9,999
  Anne and Don Ayer
Focht Family Practice
Alison and David Heyman
Vicki and Bruce Heyman
Marie Geanuleas and Douglas Kofoid
Nicole and Paul Legere
Carol and Larry Levy
Steve and Jill Newcom
Mr. and Mrs. Marko J. Ratesic
Casey and Matt Ray
Turner Construction Company
Zeller Realty
Dark Blue Heart All Heart
$2,500 - $4,999
  BDT & Company
CIM Group-425 S. Financial Place
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
The Gipson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kearney
Merkel Woodworking
Sally and Frank Sandy
Daniel and Renee Stock
Nicole and Scott Wilson
Blue Heart From the Heart
$1 - $2,499
  550 West
Ms. Barbara Adelman
Ms. Rebecca Arbor
Ms. Annie Barlow
Ms. Amy Bergs
Ms. Gina Berndt
Mr. Dennis Black
Sharon and Kevin Bosco
Beverly and Allan Brodsky
Ms. Nicole Brodsky
Ms. Natalie Brown
Ms. Tinsley Brown
Mr. Stephen Budorick
Ms. Elizabeth Burgos
Debbie and Bob Burns
Ms. Kathleen Burns
Mr. Mark Buth
Ms. Carrie Casper
Ms. Elizabeth Cusack
Ms. Sonia Gonzalez-Cruz
Ms. Julia Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Gianni Cutri
Ms. Leigh Dance
Ms. Caryl Dillon
Ms. Pat Ebervein
Karen and Bill Essig
Ms. Margaret Frey
Ms. Farah Friedrichsen
Ms. Susan Geanuleas
Mr. Matthew H. Gregorio
Ms. Eleni Griesemer
DW Hammer
Ms. Ksenia Hankweych
Ms. Eleni Haramaras
Kristin and Steve Haramaras
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hartvigsen
Courtney and Christopher Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Hilder
Mrs. Susan Hillman
Ms. Sharon Hiltz
Deborah and Alan Hodes
Ms. Serena Hodes
Mrs. Julie Holzrichter
Ms. Lynda Horwitz
JDJ Architects
Mrs. Dana Jones
Eve and Jimmie Jones
Hilary and William Kallop
Ms. Kendra Karczewski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kearney
Ms. Melissa Kearney
Ms. Lizzie Kirchner
Ms. Lolly Kirkwood
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kocoras
Ms. Laura Kofoid
Ms. Kamla Koyani-Yuhasz
Ms. Kimberly Kozminski
Karyn and Ed Kruschka
Julie and Guy Lakonishok
Elena and Scott Lawlor
Ms. Sara Lippold
Ms. Christie Lyons
Emily and Justin Manly
Ms. Margo Markopoulos
Ms. Erica Marshall
Ms. Evelyn McCullen
Stefanie and Matt McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. John H. McIlwain
Ms. Susan McNally-Wilde
Ms. Jessica Morales
Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue
Mr. Thomas Nacher
Ms. Amanda Niro
Mr. Peter Niro
Ms. Shelley O’Grady
Ms. Diana Pisone
Ms. Judy Pomerantz
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ralston
Ms. Ashley Rice
Mr. Mark Richards
Ms. Linda Richter
Ms. Polly Richter
Ms. Susie Riskind
Ms. Andrea Ruiz
Susan Ruohonen and Michael Torrey
Maureen and Dennis Ryan
Ms. Deb Schlicker
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Schmaltz
Ms. Anna-Claire Setterlin
Ms. Debbie Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sinder
Dr. Grant Stirling and Ms. Rena Sheskin
Ms. Nicole Simon
Ms. Daisie Siska
Ms. Katie S. Spieth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stalilonis
Mr. Adam Stevenson
Ms. Melissa Stump
Mr. and Mrs. William Swiss
Ms. Jennipher Tejano
Ms. Lisa Totino
Cosmin and Kelly Vrajitoru
Ms. Cindy Ward
Ms. Laura Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Wedren
Ms. Sandra Williams
Ms. Helen Winter

For donation inquiries, questions, comments, or concerns please contact Ilana Lerman at