Children's Service Board Members The Children’s Service Board welcomes committed, talented women from diverse educational and professional backgrounds to champion the Hospital through engagement and philanthropy, stewardship and fundraising, and volunteerism. Today, we are proud to be 60+ women strong dedicating time and efforts for the children of Chicago.

Children’s Service Board members spend much of their volunteer year planning and executing our signature fundraising event, the Gold Coast Fashion show. Committee responsibilities include Corporate Sponsorship, Food and Beverage, Auction, Social Media, etc. In addition, Board members serve in a variety of additional capacities including an Executive Committee, Stewardship, Volunteer Opportunities, Membership and Website Development.

Our current Board and its members are listed below:



Pinkie Garver* Alison Heyman

Executive Committee

Megan Hodes, Immediate Past President  |   Marie Geanuleas, Member-at-Large  |   Kasey Macha, Member-at-Large  |   Erica Marshall, Member-at-Large  |   Emily Flaherty, GCFS Co-Chair  |   Sharon Bosco, Stewardship Chair  |   Susan Flosi, Vice President  |   Danielle Hoeg, GCFS Co-Chair  |   Melissa Kearney, Treasurer  |   Karyn Kruschka, Membership Chair  |   Jessica Morales, Secretary  |   Emily Bennett, Corporate Chair

General Membership

Emily Arch  |   Leigh Dance  |   Kari Darmstadter  |   Mo DeRose*  |   Pooja Doshi  |   Holly Duran  |   Karen Essig*  |   Karen Focht  |   Eleni Haramaras  |   Tracie Harris  |   Lindsay Hearn  |   Lauren Hirsch  |   Dana Jones  |   Hilary Kallop  |   Hope Katz  |   Lizzie Kirchner  |   Stacie Kuhlman  |   Julie Lakonishok  |   Ashley Lebovic  |   Schuyler Levin  |   Stefanie McDonald  |   Marisa McHugh  |   Michelle Moore  |   Clare Morrison*  |   Amanda Niro  |   Michelle Pollock  |   Deanna Ryan  |   Kirsten Schloss  |   Cathryn Schmaltz  |   Anna-Claire Setterlin  |   Julie Simon  |   Renee Stock  |   Jenny Sullivan  |   Jennipher Tejano  |   Marnie Van der Voort  |   Mary Pat Wallace  |   Laura Weber  |   Nicole Wilson

Honorary Membership

Mary Beth Adelman *  |   Carolyn Belcaster  |   Donna Burke-Berger  |   Sara Cohen  |   Vicki Heyman  |   Deborah Higginbottom  |   Karen Hilder *  |   Karen Kales Lee  |   Margo Markopoulos  |   Beth Pagnotta  |   Karen Pulver  |   Marleta Reynolds, MD  |   Polly Richter  |   Tommy Sheridan  |   Debra Siegel *

* Past Presidents

For more information regarding membership and committees please contact Ilana Lerman at or 312.227.7305.