Marathon Team 2018

Team Emma

In 2016, the Barz Family found out that their sweet little Emma had a malignant brain tumor. After the surgical removal of this tennis ball sized tumor, Emma endured 11 rounds of chemo, 5 weeks of radiation, 50 nights in the hospital, 36 blood and platelet transfusions, countless blood draws and scans, and the loss of almost a year of living like a regular kid. Emma received her treatment at Lurie Children's. The care she received was world class and every staff person the family interacted with at Lurie's was incredible that Emma didn't mind her visits to Lurie's!

The goal of Team Emma is to raise funds for the brain tumor program at Lurie's, the program that saved Emma's life and the program capable of doing the research needed to prevent other families from enduring what the Barz family and far too many other families have endured.

Team Emma had amazing success in the 2017 Chicago Marathon and we're back for 2018. We have several returning members as well as several new members. We're optimistic that we'll be able to surpass our fundraising achievements of last year to make an even more meaningful contribution to the success of the brain tumor program at Lurie's.

Please know that no gift is too small

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children’s Foundation.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children’s and on behalf of Team Emma, thank you for your support!

Team Emma Raised
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Annie Barz $11,100.86
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Patrick Crosson $1,535.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Emily Kaliney $1,320.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Karin Kipp $1,350.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Michael Kipp $1,035.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Jennifer Stull $2,001.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Teresa Wassum $500.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Lilly Wieber $1,364.00
Team Gifts $996.77
Denotes a Team Captain