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Hello to the best friends, family, and people I might have emailed once,

Short version: Please support my charity by donating or participating in our 5k run around Lincoln Park in Chicago (+fun after party)! Below is my story about why I got involved, and how you can too.

About a two years ago, I joined the board of a non-profit with a mission to treat and cure pediatric brain tumors. Many of you don't know, but this is a mission that accidentally became very close to me.

Summer after my junior year, I had a few weeks around home in Palo Alto before I started an internship. My friend was doing psychology research at Stanford, and suggested that I participate in her study, and a list of others for like $20/hour. It was an awesome experience -- I did a few, including one that put me in a modified MRI machine where I could see a screen and speak with a researcher while they studied neurological patterns. For that one, I got 60 bucks and sweet image of my brain.

Around 5 months later, I got a call from Dr. Anthony Wagner, the lead PhD from that study. He told me that he noticed an "abnormality" on my scans, and that I might want to get a follow up MRI. Technically, he noticed "a focal 1.2-cm iso-signal intensity lesion in the right ventricular trigone ependyma, involving the right splenium of the corpus callosum and right posterior centrum semiovale" but on my medical records it reads "brain tumor."

I haven't had a biopsy so it's impossible to say what I have for sure, but I have become quite familiar with MRI's, and thankfully it has not grown or been aggressive.

I am lucky. I have to get annual brain scans, but that is nothing compared to what the children at Lurie's Hospital are bravely enduring. Our org has raised over $1.5 million to help fund innovative treatments, but we need much more to continue advanced research and explore groundbreaking medication.

Ways you can help:

Donate to my team, or run in our 5k (Thursday, July 26th)! Anything helps, here is a link to my team page

Share! If you or some friends are into running, come run! If you can share with people who are into donating to great causes, share as well!

Raffle Prizes! If you work somewhere cool or have something fun to donate to our raffle, we'll take it! (ex. someone who works at Pandora is donating a bunch of music themed items)

Thank you all, please let me know if you have any questions!!

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