Help Team Emma bring more books to Lurie's!







Over the course of a ten month period, our sweet Emma spent the better part of 10 months in the hospital to rid her body of her brain tumor. She endured 11 rounds of chemo, 5 weeks of radiation, 4 surgeries, several infections, and countless blood and platelet transfusions. Something that helped Emma get through treatment was books. She always wanted to be read to but there were never enough books to keep her busy all the time. Because the playroom on the 17th floor, where the cancer kids are, has limited hours, we wanted to help make books accessible all the time. That's why we started a book corner in the 17th floor family lounge. Generous donations allow the child life specialist to continually stock the book corner with books that the inpatients can take to their room and keep. This fundraiser is specifically to bring more books to Lurie's. Our family can attest that books really do make a huge difference in the lives of hospitalized children.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children’s Foundation. On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children’s, thank you for your support.