Erich Kirr's Personal Page - In Support of Matteo Smith

On October 13, 2016, the unthinkable happened to friends/neighbors of ours.  Shane and Vanessa Smith received the diagnosis from doctors that Matteo, their youngest son (still in preschool) had Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Since then, doctors, nurses, and specialists at Lurie Children's Hospital have been working hand-in-hand with Matteo and the family to help him overcome this dreadful disease.  For eight months now, Matteo has been battling this disease with courage and strength far beyond his years.

On Saturday June 10th, I will run along with many others in the 2017 Move for the Kids 5K Walk/Run.  Inspired by his courage and strength, I will run as part of Team Matteo.  If you are interested in supporting Matteo and the many, many other children who are being treated at Lurie Children's hospital please considering making a donation today by sponsoring me in this race.  Every dollar raised means a brighter and healthier future for our children and all donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children's Foundation.

Here are just a few ways your donations could help:

$35 can provide a comfort item for a premature infant to ensure the smallest and most fragile babies heal and grow faster.

$60 can help provide inpatient entertainment and distractions to help patients reduce stress and have fun while undergoing treatment.

$120 can help provide small lab supplies for one of the hospital's clinical trials to ensure our children have access to the latest treatments and therapies.

$240 can help provide supplies for the Lurie Children's classroom so that children in the hospital can continue their education.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children's, thank you for your support!

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