Run for Gus 2017

Gannon's Groupies

Thank you for joining Team Gannon’s Groupies! We run/walk for Brian who taught us how to love life despite the challenges he faced from having a brain tumor from the age of 5 through 24.

Growing up I was often asked “Are you Brian’s sister?” I used to get frustrated and roll my eyes when I was asked this question, but now I realize it was a privilege to be his sibling. Brian was someone who truly changed the life of anyone he met. He would talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. His outgoing nature created quick friendships wherever he went. His positive attitude on life was contagious and his fight to beat was an afterthought to the life he was determined to lead.

He lived big and loved bigger for the 24 years he was given, and he had those amazing years with us because of runners and walkers like you. The money you raise pays for the innovative treatments and therapies like the ones Brian could participate in. Brain spoke at events, went to prom, was Homecoming King, graduated college, and so much more. He lived beyond expectation because of the innovative treatments and superior care provided by the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff at Lurie Children’s hospital. It is my wish to keep Brian's legacy alive by helping other patients and their families through Run for Gus. This race is super fun whether you are a runner, walker, or just someone who comes for the snacks and after event :) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the race or your donation!

Brian’s Sister


Gannon's Groupies Raised
$200 Milestone Bridget Gannon $285.00
$500 Milestone Personal Gift Kerry McNamara $555.00
Andrew Belt $10.00
Jenna Belt $10.00
Justin Belt $35.00
Kaitlyn Belt $35.00
Kalei Belt $10.00
Personal Gift Nicole Belt $35.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Catherine Carberry $55.00
Dave Crites $35.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Sean Dalton $140.00
Heather Farrell $40.00
James Farrell $40.00
Marty Farrell $40.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Alexandra Ferguson $140.00
Personal Gift James Gannon $35.00
Personal Gift Daniel Hoskin $40.00
$75 Milestone Personal Gift Stephanie Hoskin $80.00
Personal Gift Dan Klingel $40.00
Personal Gift Jayme Lamport-Gannon $35.00
Adelynn Lessen $0.00
Brock Lessen $40.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Lessen $40.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Shannon Moffitt $200.00
Jillian Murphy $40.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Smita Pande $140.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Robert Randick $100.00
$100 Milestone Haley Roberts $100.00
Jennifer Roberts $35.00
Larry Roberts $35.00
Personal Gift Domini Velissaris $40.00
Personal Gift Casey Weishaar $40.00
Jeff Weishaar $40.00
Personal Gift Chris Wheatley $40.00
Personal Gift Abigail Zak $40.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Brynn Zak $55.00
Team Gifts $777.00
Denotes a Team Captain