Step Up for Kids 2018

Jack's Team

On December 21, 2003, Jack Lupo lost his hard-fought 18-month battle with neuroblastoma. He was five years old. There are no words to describe the tragedy of a five-year-old child having to battle such an insidious disease. Jack's spirit lives on and serves as our inspiration to work to help all the brave children battling cancer and other serious illnesses at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

Jack's Team is comprised of family and friends, all participating in celebration of the life of a very special boy. We honor Jack's life and he climbs with each of us in our hearts.

This will be the 15th year Jack's Team has participated in the Step Up and we are proud to have raised over $150,000 to honor Jack's memory. While it's sadly too late for Jack, we pray that our efforts here will lead to better treatments and cures for other children battling serious illnesses at Lurie Children's Hospital.

Jack's Team Raised
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Max Lupo $115.00
Jade Adley $50.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Angela Adney $330.00
$900 Milestone Personal Gift Lorraine Adney $980.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Katie Bauer $270.00
Aliana Deany $50.00
Catalina Deany $50.00
Denise Deany $0.00
Donovan Deany $50.00
Jennie Deany $0.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Michael Deany $150.00
Personal Gift Nicholas Dimaso $25.00
Pam Dimaso $0.00
Kevin Heneghan $0.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Nancy Horn $345.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Timothy Horn $200.00
Personal Gift Sheryl Johnson $40.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Kathleen Keany $100.00
$400 Milestone Personal Gift Christopher Lupo $405.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Colleen Lupo $125.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift James Martin $250.00
$2,000 Milestone James Martin $2,315.00
Danny Muellner $0.00
Team Gifts $775.00
Denotes a Team Captain