Step Up for Kids 2018

Theo's Tigers

During the fall of 2017, Theo was treated by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago for acute kidney failure. Aside from the excellent medical care Theo received, Theo's family is forever grateful for the Family Services programs that were available to him!

The 21st annual Aon Step Up for Kids event is Lurie Children's annual fundraiser for their Family Services programming. Theo's Tigers will be there in person on January 28th, 2018. Please consider supporting Lurie Children's by making a donation! We've seen first hand how your donation will make a difference in the lives of nearly 200,000 patients treated at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago each year.

All proceeds benefit the Family Services Department of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to ensure all patients have access to the highest-quality care. Remember, every dollar raised means a brighter and healthier future for our kids.

Here are just a few ways your donations could help:

$35 can purchase a Beads of Courage starter kit for a child with cancer.

$60 can purchase an adaptive toy for children with special needs and disabilities to use during play and therapy sessions.

$120 can help pay for one day of Skylight TV programming, the hospital’s own interactive television station that broadcasts special shows such as “Story Time with Dot” and “Body Parts Bingo” directly to patient rooms.

$240 can help purchase two days of Rainbow Dog pet therapy for patients.

$500 can purchase crayons, markers, paper, paint and other arts and crafts supplies for patients to use throughout the hospital.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children’s Foundation.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children’s, thank you for your support!

Theo's Tigers Raised
$500 Milestone Personal Gift Rachel Chapman $575.00
Will $0.00
$75 Milestone Adelaide Chapman $75.00
$500 Milestone Personal Gift James Chapman $550.00
$75 Milestone Maeve Chapman $75.00
$100 Milestone Theodore Chapman $100.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Kathleen Grossardt $170.00
Andrew Kern $0.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Emily Kern $50.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Jonathan Kern $250.00
Tyler Kern $0.00
Abigail Maloney $0.00
Finnian Maloney $0.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Matthew Maloney $150.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Rebekah Maloney $50.00
Ethan Moore $0.00
Evan Moore $0.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Jason Moore $200.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Jessica Moore $200.00
Landon Moore $0.00
Samantha Moore $0.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Ashley Reed $325.00
Patrick Reed $0.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Jenni Stull $150.00
Elijah Whitlock $0.00
Evelyn Whitlock $0.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Janesse Whitlock $205.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Kyle Whitlock $200.00
Team Gifts $1,480.00
Denotes a Team Captain