Another 26.2 Miles for Bailey and Lurie Children's Hospital

On October 13, 2019, I’ll run my 15th marathon, and my 12th marathon for the Lurie Children’s Hospital. I’ve gone on the record before as saying I’ll keep doing this every year until I’m physically unable to do so.  So, here I am again.

But why?

The video on the left sums it up better than any words canexplain (big credit to my sister-in-law Leanne):

The short answer is, Lurie Children’s Hospital saved my oldest daughter’s life. When all the odds were stacked against her, they gave us hope. When she needed it most, they provided her life changing care. They continue to keep her under their caring, watchful eye, ensuring that she continues on the right track. They gave her the one thing that every parent wants for their child: the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, normal life.

The doctors, nurses and staff at Lurie Children’s didn’t go out of their way just for us. We saw them provide this same care and attention to numerous other families during the 3+months Bailey was at Lurie’s. They do this for every family that walks in the doors; families that come from all over the region, and all over the country. Families just like us, looking for the best for their kids, so that they too can live a happy, healthy life.

My goal this year is to raise $5,000. In the eleven prior years, through your kindness and generosity, you have helped me raise over $35,000 for Lurie Children’s Hospital. Over those same eight years, the Lurie Children’s Marathon team has raised over $3.4 million dollars.

We can never repay them for what they did for Bailey. But I won’t stop thanking them, and I will do everything I can to make sure they can continue to perform leading edge research, and provide life-saving and life-changing care to all kids, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Bailey never gave up. With the help of her doctors, nurses, family, and friends, she kept fighting. This is why I run. This is why I will keep running. I won’t give up either.

On behalf of Bailey, and all the other children who have walked through the doors at Lurie Children’s Hospital, I thank you!

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