Move for Kids 2019

Junior Council 2019

Make a difference in the lives of nearly 213,000 patients treated at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago! Support our team's efforts for the 2019 Move for Kids, by making a gift today. Every dollar raised means a brighter and healthier future for our children.

Junior Council specifically raises funds for the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Clinic and the Special Infectious Diseases Clinic. Your support for our team in Move For Kids goes directly to these areas.

Here are just a few ways your donations could help:

  • $20,000+ = The amount of money needed to purchase a vehicle (lasting 20 years) to help transport patients to necessary check-ups when otherwise unable to.
  • $20,000 = The amount of college scholarship money Junior Council awards to past and present patients each fiscal year.
  • $10,058 = 30 days of HIV medication for a single patient during financial hardship.
  • $2,347 = The amount needed for one week of standard HIV medication for a single patient.
  • $500 = The amount needed to run a genotype test necessary to determine which medications will be successful for a newly diagnosed patient.
  • $100 = The amount of money needed to run a viral load blood test to see if medications are working and how sick a patient is.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children's Foundation.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children's, thank you for your support!

Junior Council 2019 Raised
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Monique Barras $100.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Heather G $63.00
$75 Milestone Personal Gift Kelsey K $95.00
$400 Milestone MacKenna $455.00
$600 Milestone Olivia B $669.84
Personal Gift Charlotte Cahill $35.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Cody Dunifon $140.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Connor Graham $50.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Omar Husain $245.00
Personal Gift John Kucich $35.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Blake Larsen $185.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Brian Luk $240.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Michael Madden $135.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Andrea Malcolm $135.00
$600 Milestone Personal Gift Callie McKeon $610.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Jeffrey Olsen $100.00
$200 Milestone Jamisen Paustian $230.00
Personal Gift Anjali Ravindran $35.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Reif $35.00
Michael Remien $0.00
Personal Gift Mackenzie Roach $40.00
$600 Milestone Mary Jane Rogers $685.00
$1,000 Milestone Personal Gift Dan Stephans $1,130.00
Ray Waters $0.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Adam Weiss $195.00
Team Gifts $100.00
Denotes a Team Captain