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Just thought I'd give you a quick update on Jackson.  Since his diagnosis of ALL(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in September of 2016, Jack has been doing quite well.  If you didn't know already, you probably couldn't tell that he's sick.  He's been relatively healthy, avoiding the flu(so far) and hasn't had many colds or coughs, but has had a couple ER visits for fevers. (common protocol to get blood work)  We missed out on a spring break vacation last year because of some chemo toxicity that put us in the hospital for a week, but we were able to take him to Disney World last fall to make up for that.  He played spring and fall soccer last year and is signed up for spring soccer this year.  He didn't have the strength last year to make the whole 5k(we cut through some parts), but this year we have a goal to make it all the way.  He's still on daily chemo pills and goes for IV treatment every 4 weeks.  Barring any setbacks, our end of treatment day will be around November of 2019.  That's about 23 more visits.  I know, it seems like an eternity already.  The rest of the family has adjusted to our new way of life and we're all so thankful for the support we have gotten up to this point.  Like Jack, there's so many kids in need of our continued support at this great hospital and miracles are happening everyday because of it.  Thanks to everyone that contributed last year and thanks in advance to all who will be part of team this year.  Let's do this!

John & Kathryn



Here are just a few ways your donations could help:

$35 can provide a comfort item for a premature infant to ensure the smallest and most fragile babies heal and grow faster.

$60 can help provide inpatient entertainment and distractions to help patients reduce stress and have fun while undergoing treatment.

$120 can help provide small lab supplies for one of the hospital's clinical trials to ensure our children have access to the latest treatments and therapies.

$240 can help provide supplies for the Lurie Children's classroom so that children in the hospital can continue their education.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children's Foundation.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children's, thank you for your support!

The Action Jackson's Raised
Personal Gift John Leonard $525.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Mets Fan Fred $110.00
The Action Jackson's $40.00
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$400 Milestone Personal Gift Dave Leonard $460.00
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$300 Milestone Jackson Leonard $355.00
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