Your fundraising efforts will make a difference in a child's life

The Young Associates Board is committed to supporting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Here are just a few of the ways philanthropic support has, and can, make a difference for the patients and families of Lurie Children's.

Beads of Courage

The Beads of Courage program provides an opportunity for children with cancer to commemorate their brave journey. When treatment begins, patients are given a string and a selection of beads. As their treatment progresses, new beads are added to mark important milestones, including birthdays, procedures and chemotherapy sessions. Patients receive a "purple heart" bead at the end of their treatment that celebrates their strength and resilience.

By supporting Run for Gus, your gift will be used to provide Beads of Courage kits to patients with brain tumors.

Support For Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are vital to the development of safer and more effective treatments for brain tumor patients, helping to fill the gap in knowledge surrounding new drugs for pediatric patients. The hospital's successful clinical research program now includes more than 40 clinical trials sponsored by the nation's leading research groups.

By supporting Run for Gus, you help to fund the work of the hospital's Clinical Research Assistants and Research Nurse who are essential for the smooth and safe operation of clinical trials program. Your gift will allow Lurie Children's to sustain a strong research infrastructure that supports the effort to increase the number and scope of studies undertaken for the benefit of patients.

Brain Tumor Social Worker

The brain tumor program's social worker plays an indispensable role in providing family-centered and culturally competent services that enhance families' health, social functioning and well-being. They serve as a guide through the complex medical world, a source of emotional support, a link to community-based services and an advocate for patients' and families' needs. As a member of the comprehensive patient care team, they are intimately familiar with the experiences of families facing the most difficult of situations and able to anticipate their needs and respond quickly and appropriately.

By supporting Run for Gus, your gift can provide support to sustain a dedicated social worker for the hospital's brain tumor program, as this much-needed service is solely funded through philanthropy.

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