Why We Move

Each year, we move for the patients treated at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The challenges our kids have bravely faced in their young lives is more than many of us will experience in a lifetime. Move for the Kids is our chance to give back and promise them a chance at a brighter future.

Meet a few of the kids you are helping through your fundraising efforts.

Kate - 2018 Move for the Kids 5K Walk/Run patient champion


One year ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, we went to the Emergency Room at Lurie Children’s. Kate couldn’t walk, crawl, stand, or sit without support, and even with support, she would fall over. Looking back at where she was last year, we didn’t know if Kate would ever be able to walk again so knowing that this year she will kick off the Kids Dash as the Patient Champion at Move for the Kids 5k is pretty incredible.” Teresa, Kate’s mom

Kate loves Trolls, Paw Patrol, and Disney Princesses. She loves stickers, Play Doh, and doing puzzles. Most of all, she loves her little brother JJ. But the most amazing fact about Kate? She will be three years old in April and has already learned to walk not once, but twice. We are honored to introduce you to this year’s Move for the Kids Patient Champion, Kate.

At the beginning of October 2016, Kate was a normal toddler, almost 18 months old, and always on the move. However, her parents became concerned as they noticed that she began to fall a lot when she was walking, which was not normal for her. After a misdiagnoses, and weeks of watching Kate’s symptoms worsen as she would fall while walking, crawling, and even sitting, her parents brought her to Lurie Children’s. There, Dr. Alma Bicknese diagnosed Kate with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS) a diagnosis that only affects 1 in every 10,000,000 people a year, and has no cure.

Since her diagnosis, Kate has been receiving weekly steroid infusions, monthly IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulins) infusions, has had three infusions of a low dose chemotherapy and has been on oral steroids. Kate is now starting her journey to wean off her medications. If all goes well, she will be off treatment in about two years, although the possibility of relapse will be present throughout her entire life.

This year, on May 20, we will come together to move for kids like Kate. We will raise awareness and support for the kids like Kate who need the life-saving services of Lurie Children’s. We will walk, and run, and jump, and play for kids like Kate. We will move for every child.

“Even when she was falling with nearly every step she took, she got up and she kept trying. Kate is the strongest and the bravest little girl I know.” Teresa, Kate’s mom