Run for Gus 2019

ICSJ Dolphins

July 25, 2019 will be the 17th annual Run for Gus -- and the third year the ICSJ Dolphins will come together to raise funds for research and support services at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Cildren’s Hospital of Chicago, specifically for patients with brain tumors.

We run (or jog or walk or stroll) to ensure all children affected by brain tumors have a chance to survive. We run because Lurie Children's is committed to treating patients, not tumors, and minimizing the long-term damaging side effects of brain tumor treatment. And we run for our special friends Angela and Crisanto, who were both treated for their brain tumors at Lurie Children's, and are now thriving following that treatment.

Please support our efforts by making a gift today! Any amount will make a difference, and all donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children’s Foundation.

With your help, more children battling brain tumors can receive the best healthcare possible and the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Thank you!

ICSJ Dolphins Raised
$500 Milestone Personal Gift Maureen Powers $544.81
Personal Gift Dee-Dee $40.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift mmroberts86 $125.00
Lynsie Bernstein $40.00
$100 Milestone benjamin brusznicki $103.12
chris brusznicki $35.00
elinor brusznicki $0.00
evelyn brusznicki $10.00
juliet brusznicki $0.00
mack brusznicki $10.00
vivian brusznicki $0.00
$700 Milestone Personal Gift Caden Butler $700.31
Personal Gift Kara Butler $35.00
Chase Donovan $10.00
$500 Milestone Personal Gift Elizabeth Donovan $549.62
Personal Gift Leisa Hamidi $40.00
ZA Hamidi $10.00
Zak Hamidi $0.00
James Hardin $0.00
Eloise Harrison $10.00
Peter Harrison $35.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Sarah Harrison $289.68
Stuart Harrison $10.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Katherine Heideman $50.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Erica Hullinger $235.00
Hudson Hullinger $10.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Peter Hullinger $50.00
Sutton Hullinger $10.00
Andy Jacobson $35.00
Personal Gift Corey Jacobson $35.00
PJ Jacobson $10.00
Andrea Langer $10.00
Elizabeth Langer $10.00
Matthew Langer $40.00
Andrew Lindeke $10.00
Kelly Lindeke $10.00
Personal Gift Raegan Lindeke $35.00
Scarlett Lindeke $10.00
Steve Lindeke $35.00
Bryan Lynch $40.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Kelley Lynch $290.00
Teddy Lynch $10.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Marjorie Marino $60.00
Christopher Maurice $35.00
Jessica Maurice $35.00
$2,000 Milestone Personal Gift Beth Mueller $2,193.85
James Mueller $40.00
$300 Milestone Personal Gift Layla Mueller $376.24
Personal Gift Linda Mueller $40.00
McKenna Mueller $0.00
Morgan Mueller $0.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Andrew Nelson $65.00
Ava Nelson $10.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Laurie Nelson $50.00
Ryan Nelson $10.00
Personal Gift Amelia Nevis $10.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Monika Nevis $135.00
Personal Gift Vivian Nevis $10.00
$500 Milestone Personal Gift Ellie O'Hara $539.29
Personal Gift Kendra O'Hara $35.00
Reilly O'Hara $10.00
Adriana Parial $10.00
Personal Gift Andrew Parial $35.00
$5,000 Milestone Angela Parial $5,151.60
Joanna Parial $35.00
Avery Perez $0.00
Jacob Perez $10.00
Personal Gift Melissa Perez $40.00
Sofia Perez $10.00
Matthew Powers $0.00
Michael Powers $35.00
Personal Gift Katie Tieken $40.00
Team Gifts $637.80
Denotes a Team Captain