Run for Gus 2019

Gannon's Groupies

Hey are you Brian’s Sister? Yes, yes I am! Although I used to roll my eyes and stomp off when I was asked this question, but now I understand what a privilege it was to have the nameless identity of Brian's sister. Brian would talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. His outgoing nature allowed him to have many friends wherever he went. His positive attitude about life was contagious and his fight to beat this brain tumor was just an afterthought as he had a lot of life to live.

He could live big and love even bigger for those 24 years. He made more out of those years than some will in their whole lives, and he was able to do that because of donations and runners like you. The funding you provide pays for trials and treatments he could participate in that allowed him to live beyond the expectation. He could speak at events, go to prom, be Homecoming King, participate in countless Snowballs, graduate college and much more.

Brian's journey through treatment from age 5 to almost 25 and the life he lived beyond being a kid with cancer is remarkable to say the least. At Lurie’s we had superior care and innovative treatment options. It is my wish to keep Brian's legacy alive by helping other patients and their families through Run for Gus. This race is super fun whether you are a runner, walker, or just someone who comes for the snacks and after event :) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the race or your donation!
We hope to see you there!

Brian’s Sister, Bridget
Bridget Gannon

Gannon's Groupies Raised
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Bridget Gannon $60.91
Haley $0.00
Dave Crites $40.00
Personal Gift Elisabeth Fredrickson $40.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift James Gannon $140.00
Jayme Gannon $40.00
Ella Hoskin $0.00
Mark Hoskin $35.00
Personal Gift Dan Klingel $40.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Jen Lessen $50.00
Caitlin McCaffrey $40.00
Personal Gift Kelly McManigal $40.00
$50 Milestone Personal Gift Robert Randick $50.00
Chase Roberts $0.00
$75 Milestone Personal Gift Abby Zak $90.00
Brynn Zak $0.00
Team Gifts $177.47
Denotes a Team Captain