Move for Kids 2019

Mal's Pals

Mal's Pals will once again be participating in Move for the Kids in 2019 -- this will mark our 7th year in a row!
This event is incredibly important to us because of the difference Lurie continues to make in our daughter's life. As many of you know, Mallory was first admitted to Lurie as a 10 month old when she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The team at Lurie saved Mallory's life and have remained an integral part of her ongoing treatment and recovery for the last seven years.
We are so proud and amazed by Mallory and all she has accomplished -- she has surpassed all our hopes and expectations, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to have such a happy, healthy, busy, brilliant, loving, laughing and thriving little girl. Certainly none of the progress Mallory has made would be possible without the vast network of doctors, nurses, specialists, audiologists, therapists, coordinators and countless experts at Lurie.
We still visit Lurie on a regular basis, and many of the services Mal currently benefits from are a result of the hospital's partnership with The Foundation for Hearing and Speech Research, an organization committed to improving the lives of children with deafness/hearing loss. In fact, we are thrilled to share that Mallory is FHSR's Move For The Kids Patient Champion for 2019!
As we have done the last few years, all donations secured through the Mal's Pals team will directly support the FHSR programs at Lurie. A donation to Mal's Pals and FHSR will provide vital funds for treatment and audiology support services for Lurie Children’s patients and their families -- including Miss Mallory herself!
Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. We would also love for you to register to join us at the event on Sunday May 19th!! We will have plenty of food, drinks and treats at our tent for everyone to enjoy following the walk.
We are so grateful for your friendship and support during the last several years and appreciate your consideration of Lurie and FHSR.
Jen, Nick, Chirs & Mal

Mal's Pals Raised
$7,000 Milestone Personal Gift Mallory Evangelides $7,800.00
$200 Milestone Personal Gift Kellie $250.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Salzman Family $100.00
Ava Amendola $0.00
Kristi Amendola $0.00
Sophia Amendola $0.00
Eleni Coleman $0.00
Denise Driscoll $0.00
Edith Droy $0.00
Chris Evangelides $0.00
Christopher Evangelides $0.00
Jen Evangelides $0.00
Natalie Evangelides $0.00
Nick Evangelides $0.00
Noelle Evangelides $0.00
Vinnie Evangelides $0.00
Will Evangelides $0.00
Zoe Evangelides $0.00
Crosley Furman $0.00
Eric Furman $0.00
R Furman $0.00
Xavier Furman $0.00
Tyler Kulasic $0.00
$100 Milestone Personal Gift Kelly Kulasik $100.00
Fiona O'Brien $0.00
Rich O'Brien $0.00
Gavin Schultz $0.00
Larry Schultz $0.00
Diane Smith $0.00
Camden Tipton $0.00
Olivia Traficanto $0.00
Sarah Traficanto $0.00
Bill Zielke $0.00
Pamela Zielke $0.00
Team Gifts $1,555.00
Denotes a Team Captain